Curricular Goals

In this section of my TESOL Portfolio, I will demonstrate how I have met the curricular goals of the Penn State Graduate Certificate in TESOL program, which include the following:

 • The ability to analyze various domains of language (e.g., phonological, lexical, grammatical, and pragmatic) in relation to adult learner language development and apply these understandings to adult English language teaching.

• The ability to design, adapt, and evaluate curricula, technology, media, and other resources that meet the specific instructional and language-related needs and abilities of adult English language learners.

• The ability to develop an understanding of the multilingual/multicultural contexts within which adult English language learners live and work and the role of learning and using English in an increasingly globalized world.

• The ability to demonstrate effective instructional strategies for one-on-one tutoring, classroom teaching, and learner assessment.

• The ability to create a professional TESOL e-portfolio as a final capstone project.

A separate section of this website is devoted to each of the first four curricular goals, while this website itself constitutes evidence that I have met the final goal of creating a professional TESOL e-portfolio.

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