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During the winter and spring of 2012, I tutored an adult English language learner (ELL) in Miami, Florida, as part of the course requirements for APLNG 802 (Focus on English). This experience helped me to develop an understanding of effective instructional strategies for one-on-one tutoring and learner assessment, the ability to design and adapt curricula and other resources to meet the specific instructional and language-related needs and abilities of an adult ELL, the ability to analyze various domains of language in relation to ELL language development as well as to apply that understanding to teaching adult ELLs, and to better understand the multilingual and multicultural contexts within which adult ELLs live and work, along with the role of learning and using English in an increasingly globalized world.

In order to demonstrate how I achieved these goals, I have provided the biweekly tutoring reflection blog entries I composed during the experience, as well as the final English Language Learner (ELL) Profile and Assessment.

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