About Me

My name is Richard E. McDorman. I was born and raised in rural West Virginia. I went to college in Virginia, and later to graduate school in Chicago and Miami, where I settled down in the late 1990s. During my career, I have embraced continuing and professional education, first completing the Professional Certificate in Translation program at New York University and then the Graduate Certificate in TESOL program at Penn State.

I am an educator, linguist, translator and writer. I love language, linguistics, and reading and writing about them. My academic and research interests include applied and historical linguistics, phonetics and phonology, English dialectology (especially African-American English), Indo-European studies, neuroscience, anthropology, and the humanities (among others).

You can learn more about me by clicking on the following links:

To contact me, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit my website at www.richardmcdorman.org.

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