In this section of my e-portfolio, I will demonstrate how I have acquired the ability to develop an understanding of the multilingual/multicultural contexts within which adult English language learners live and work and the role of learning and using English in an increasingly globalized world.

One of the ways I achieved these goals was through completion of the Language of the Classroom project, a major course requirement of APLNG 806 (Focus on Classrooms). During the first phase of the project, I observed and reported on the classroom activities of a group of advanced English language learners and their teacher at an intensive English program in Miami, Florida. In the second phase of the project, I analyzed the complex patterns of classroom interactions among the students and their teacher, as well as among the students themselves. I hope that by reading my work (click on the links below), you will find this highly diverse, multilingual and multiethnic group of learners, their talented teacher and their educational context as interesting and fascinating as I did.

I also learned about the complex cultural identites of English language learners and their teachers (including myself) and the multicultural contexts within which they live and work through completion of the Critical Cultural Analysis project, the main course project in APLNG 804 (Focus on Learners).

In addition to major course projects, I also had the opportunity to reflect on several important topics related to the multilingual and multicultural contexts within which adult ELLs live and work and the role of learning and using English in our globalized world during my time in the certificate program. A few of my reflective blog entries in these areas are provided below.

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